Louis Vuitton x League European collection sold out in an hour

The Louis Vuitton collaboration with League of Legends launched today, called the LVxLoL collection. About an hour after release, the European stock of the collection sold out, according to the product page.

The partnership between LV and Riot Games is multi-leveled and was announced earlier this year in conjunction with the World Championship. While the clothing collection was just released today, Louis Vuitton also designed two skins for the game—one for Senna and one for Qiyana.

Qiyana’s skin, True Damage Prestige Qiyana, was released alongside the Worlds event, but players are still waiting for news on Senna’s skin, which will likely also be a True Damage skin in Prestige form.

Today’s clothing collection includes several clothing pieces and accessories, including a watch that costs $3,050. The cheapest item available is a scarf for $170. Despite the high prices, the European stock sold out almost immediately. The US stock is still available, however. Some customers claim that orders are being cancelled as well due to overselling. 

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Overwatch 2: Campaign Leveling Is Separate From PvP, And Other New Details

Overwatch 2 was revealed during BlizzCon 2019, and it’s coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Its major new addition is a single-player (and co-op) campaign that will bring all of the heroes together to battle a new threat, and fans are hungry for more details. Now lead writer Michael Chu and assistant game director Aaron Keller have spoken to PlayStation Blog about the story they’re working on, giving us some further information about this new mode.

Keller states that Blizzard wants players to experience more the Overwatch’s world than they have previously, and that the campaign missions “tell an engaging narrative about how the heroes of Overwatch respond to a new global threat.” These missions are “deeply replayable,” apparently, and will shift players between “a wide variety of locations all over the world.” He mentions the leveling system, and says that “players will level their heroes and use different elements to modify their abilities and power levels.”

Keller also says that Blizzard has “lots of heroes in the works” beyond Sojourn. This matches up to earlier reports that suggested that Blizzard has internal concept art for at least four other heroes that are being worked on. “We can’t get into who they are exactly, or what their gameplay might be like,” Keller says, “but they will help round out the world of Overwatch and give us new gameplay mechanics we have not yet seen.”

Overwatch News

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Michael Chu’s early answers reflect earlier comments about how Overwatch 2 will follow up on the threads established with the original game, but he has more to say on the game’s structure here. “With story missions, we’ll have a more traditional way to tell a story in the Overwatch universe,” he says. “A complete story with beginning, middle, and end. In addition, we’ve finally moved the story forward after Winston’s recall, and we hope to continue to push events into the future in the stories to come.”

Keller notes that the maps added for the campaign are about twice as large as the multiplayer maps we’re used to, stating that they’ve “got way more advanced technology to show dynamic weather, lightning, explosions, and more.” Every mission will have its own opening and closing cinematic, Keller confirms. He also says that, at present, progression between the campaign and standard multiplayer is planned on being kept separate, so that leveling up in one mode does not affect your progress in the other. “Our goal is to make a robust meaningful progression system that feeds into our Hero Missions where players can play and replay for many hours or as their main mode of play after they complete the Overwatch 2 story.”

Overwatch 2 does not yet have an release date or window. Work on it has slowed updates for the original, but once it releases the two iterations of Overwatch will share all PVP content.

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Apple will join CES privacy roundtable with FTC and Facebook

Apple’s reluctance to officially participate in the world’s leading consumer trade show CES has been softening in recent years, as the company used the 2019 event as a springboard for third-party Apple TV- and AirPlay-related announcements, as well as a gigantic outdoor poster touting its stance on privacy. Now the company is taking the next step with an official appearance at the 2020 event in Las Vegas, though it’s joining a roundtable discussion — not formally exhibiting at the show.

According to an official CES schedule, Apple senior director of global privacy Jane Horvath will join FTC commissioner Rebecca Slaughter, Facebook chief privacy officer Erin Egan, and Procter & Gamble global privacy officer Susan Shook for “Chief Privacy Officer Roundtable: What Do Consumers Want?” — a one-hour discussion starting at 1PM Pacific Time on January 7. The event will be moderated by Rajeev Chand of Wing Venture Capital, and promises to address not only the title question but also how companies build privacy at scale, and whether regulation will be a fragmented patchwork.

The group discussion gives Apple an opportunity to hammer home one of its bigger marketing messages, namely that it remains committed to user privacy across all of its devices and services, with ambitions to see a federal privacy law passed soon. Last year, Apple’s “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone” banner loomed large outside CES’s exhibition halls, appearing within eyeshot of demonstrations from chief rival Google.

Despite its supposed focus on privacy, Apple had a number of issues of its own to contend with throughout the year, including problems with the security of its FaceTime Audio service, user recordings made by Siri devices including HomePods and Apple Watches, and apparent Chinese government hacking of Uighur Muslims. The company has apologized for the issues, however, and maintained that it is deeply committed to protecting its users from monitoring.

Apple has not formally exhibited at CES in decades, but participated in various ways before Steve Jobs returned as CEO in the mid-1990s, including assisting Bandai in showing off the Pippin hybrid computer and game console, and unveiling the Newton PDA during a keynote speech. The company is unlikely to have a booth or larger formal presence at the sprawling event, but may — like last year — allow TV-, speaker-, and home automation device-making partners to reveal new apps or features during the show.

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Baby Yoda Toys, Funko Pops, Puzzles, And More Are Available For Pre-Order

Baby Yoda, captured our hearts you have. The Mandalorian is an entertaining show, but the runaway star has undoubtedly been the almost unfathomably adorable creature the internet has affectionately dubbed Baby Yoda. Yes, it’s not actually Baby Yoda–Disney has only referred to him as The Child so far.

Like many, one of the first thoughts that popped into my mind when I saw Baby Yoda for the first time was: I need a Baby Yoda plush. Unfortunately, Disney obviously didn’t anticipate the overwhelmingly positive response to the little guy, because Baby Yoda toys won’t be ready for the holidays. However, you can pre-order Baby Yoda toys and Funko Pops right now and pick up some shirts and accessories while you wait.

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Best Baby Yoda toys, Funko Pops, apparel, and more

Baby Yoda plush | $25

The most important Baby Yoda toy revealed so far, this vinyl head plush from Mattel is expected to release on May 25, 2020. Yes, that’s a considerable wait, but it doesn’t hurt to pre-order now. Though it has a vinyl head, its body is soft and it has a “sturdy base filled with beans.” This plush really captures Baby Yoda’s cuteness.

Baby Yoda Funko Pop | $8.78

One of Baby Yoda’s best moments in The Mandalorian so far was when he used the Force to save Mando. He’s the using the Force as a Funko Pop, but naturally his eyes are open. Also, Baby Yoda’s big eyes perfectly align with the beady eyes of Funko Pops, don’t they?

Release dates for the Baby Yoda Funko Pop are all over the place, with Walmart listing delivery by May 22, 2020, Disney listing May 13, and GameStop listing a much earlier date of March 24. And an email from Disney stated the Funko Pop is expected to start shipping in February 2020. Regardless of when it will actually arrive, some Funko Pops become rather rare, so it makes sense to pre-order now. Walmart is selling the Baby Yoda Funko Pop for the lowest price.

Baby Yoda 10-inch Funko Pop | $29.96

Though technically one of the super-sized 10-inch Funko Pops, let’s agree to call this Big Baby Yoda. You have to decide if Big Baby Yoda is worth more than three times the price of the regular Funko.

Baby Yoda puzzle | $11

The precious shot of Mando carrying Baby Yoda is commemorated in this 500-piece puzzle from Buffalo Games. It releases on December 30.

Baby Yoda T-shirt | $24.95

Anything with Baby Yoda’s face on it should be a slam dunk, but most of the official Mandalorian shirts featuring the young Force-wielder have been pretty bad. This shirt is at least decent.

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ReDeYe will host Betradar’s Esports Invitational at ICE

Sports betting data supplier Betradar, a part of Sportradar, is making a major play to be crowned esports king at ICE Totally Gaming next month. 

ICE is the world’s largest gambling conference; it covers all areas from igaming to casinos. Esports will be a major component at this year’s iteration.

For the past fortnight we’ve covered the GamCrowd Pitch ICE competitions with a closer look at each of the four esports companies that have made the shortlist.

You can read more about Yamzu, Betters’ Rift, PVP.me and Double R Quits here. 

When it comes to esports betting many believe in-play will prove to be the most popular format. The main issue with offering and delivering it adequately and reliably is the overwhelming amount of data. A partnership between Sportradar and Jens Hilgers’ DOJO Madness, which was agreed late last year, is aiming to solve that.  

Alex Inglot, Director of Communications at Sportradar, told us: “We are really looking forward to welcoming operators and other ICE delegates to our stand S1-150 on Tuesday and Wednesday at 11am and 2pm both days. During those time slots, Betradar will be bringing its esports betting solutions to life alongside our Betradar Esports Invitational.

“The Invitational, a head to head between two leading UK teams, will be punctuated by the inimitable commentary and input of ReDeYe, who needs no introduction to anyone who has been to pretty much any significant esports event around the world. It should make for a great atmosphere to experience, understand and learn more about esports and esports betting.”

A statement from Betradar said: “Any esports bettors looking to cross over to operators following the implosion of the skins market or new bettors looking to dabble in these new sports will demand a ‘live’ that is genuinely ‘live’. That can only be achieved with partnership-provided data and content streams, as well as the unique industry expertise that comes from ecosystem insiders.”

For those interested in learning more about esports betting, or esports full stop, they can attend Stand S1-150, at which Paul ‘ReDeYe’ Chaloner will be hosting the ‘Betradar Esports Invitational’ competition which’ll see Endpoint take on Impulse Gaming in CS:GO.

There will also be some of Betradar’s in-house experts, such as Head of Esports James Watson, talking operators through the company’s suite of esports betting solutions.

Be there at the ExCeL Centre on either Tuesday and Wednesday, at 11am or 2pm, to catch the Betradar Esports Invitational.

Esports Insider says: Esports will play a massive part of this year’s ICE after its explosion into igaming last year. ReDeYe is a well regarded figure in the world of esports and Betradar has made an excellent choice in securing him to explain and host its invitational. 

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Froggen joins Dignitas to finalize the team's starting roster for 2020

Dignitas has finally unveiled the last remaining player of its League of Legends team. Veteran mid laner Henrik “Froggen” Hansen officially rounds out Dignitas’ roster for the 2020 LCS season, the organization announced today.

He’ll be joined by top laner Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon, former TSM jungler Jonathan “Grig” Armao, AD carry Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen, and former 100 Thieves’ support Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black. The team has finally come together following reports that said Dignitas was struggling to find players to sign after using a third of the team’s budget on Huni’s contract extension.

DIG on Twitter

Worlds Semi-Finalist, Champion of Europe, LCK Finalist. Welcome the legendary @Froggen to DIG 2020! https://t.co/yX3NaUbbqV

Last year, Froggen was the mid laner for Golden Guardians on a roster that lacked enough firepower to push into the true playoff picture in the LCS. In the 2019 Summer Split, Golden Guardians failed to qualify for the postseason with a seventh-place finish in the regular season standings.

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PES kicks off eFootball.Open tournament, announces rewards

The time is finally upon us. This year’s iteration of the PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) open tournament is finally here. Named eFootball.Open, the tournament kicks off on Dec 9 and runs until the World Final in July 2020.

Format of eFootball.Open

The eFootball.Open tournament is divided into many stages and split across several platforms: PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, and even Mobile. The below infographic describes the stages player must go through in order to reach the World Final. Participants are divided into Basic, Intermediate, and Expert levels so that players of all skill levels can take part fairly.

A long road awaits the most ambitious players in eFootball PES.

In order to participate in eFootball.Open, you must connect your Konami ID with your game account (depending on platform). This can be done on the signup website on the official Konami website. As an added bonus, everyone receives 300 MyClub points upon signing up.

The format of the tournament this year replaces last year’s PES League, which was of mediocre success. Upon signing up, you choose one of the ten teams to represent (includes stat balancing). Players cannot alter their choice, so it is advised that you choose carefully.

List of teams and first matchday

The teams participating include:

  • FC Barcelona
  • Juventus
  • Manchester United FC
  • Bayern Munchen
  • Arsenal FC
  • Celtic FC
  • AS Monaco
  • FC Nates
  • FC Schalke 04
  • Boavista FC

The very first matchday features FC Barcelona players going up against the PES-exclusive Italian giants, Juventus. Additionally, Manchester United vs Bayern Munchen will serve as a big secondary matchup.

http://eFootball.Open  is live NOW with this weeks featured Matchday!

Sign up now and take part! #eFootballPES2020 #eFootballPES2020Lite

View image on Twitter

In-game rewards and prizes

More amateur players will have their eyes on the in-game rewards earned by participating in the game mode. The rewards depend on points earned and range from myClub coins to Black ball Agents and scouts.

There are also real-life rewards to earn. Every person that registers to a specific club will have a chance to win official merchandise from their club. These prizes will be announced at the end of December.

When it comes to cash prizes, the first prize winner will take home $15,000. Second place will have $10,000, with the amounts decreasing as you go, down to the 30th place finisher being one of several to take home $2,000. Naturally, the cash prizes will be eyed by only the serious players – those seeking contracts in the future or ones that may already belong to a certain team. You can check out the detailed rules and prize information for the eFootball.Open tournament on the official Konami website.

Are you participating in this eFootball PES tournament? Let us know down in the comments. As always, remember to follow us at Daily Esports for all your latest news in PES as well as other esports out there.

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Ubisoft launches 12 Days of R6mas giveaway

With the holidays approaching, Ubisoft is getting the spirit with its 12 Days of R6mas giveaway.

Ubisoft knows how to celebrate holidays in Rainbow Six Siege. In October, fans had access to the Doktor’s Curse Halloween event. The event featured a new game mode and an overhauled version of the old Theme Park map before it was reworked and re-released with Operation Shifting Tides. The devs didn’t have much in store for Thanksgiving, which is understandable considering the regionality of the holiday. 

With the arrival of the winter season, though, Ubisoft is rolling out the 12 Days of R6mas event on Instagram and Twitter. This is by far the easiest contest to enter since there’s really nothing to it. All fans need to do is keep an eye out for the “#R6mas” post on the Rainbow Six Twitter and Instagram accounts and reply to it. That’s it. From there, Ubisoft will randomly choose a winner on Instagram and a winner from Twitter on each business day from Dec. 9 to 24, according to the official post. Winners will receive a Blackbeard Santa bundle and two random chibis.

Rainbow Six Siege on Twitter

🔔 It’s that time of year, #R6mas giveaway cheer! From Dec 9-24, reply to any of the 12 #R6mas posts for a chance to win a Santa Blackbeard Bundle and 2 random Operator Chibis! 🎄 See full giveaway rules at https://t.co/u6TtsgBVXH 🎁 #R6mas Day 1️⃣: Are you 😈 Naughty or 😇Nice?

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GINX eSports TV to launch new esports specific show

GINX eSports TV, a UK based TV channel has announced it will air a new show called “The Bridge” which will feature three hours of discussion around the esports scene. 

The show will be broadcast for three hours every weeknight at 8pm GMT. The show’s producer David Kangas has said: 

“We threw the reins over to the fans, the players and the content creators and asked them if they could build it how would it be. So we’’ve ended up with ‘The Bridge,’ a crossing place for esports –where we can talk to whoever we want, about whatever game we want, whenever and however we want. That feels like a great starting point”.“

The show will also be broadcast on streaming platform Twitch. Whilst there’s not been too much information released, it has been confirmed that Alex “Machine” Richardson and OJ Borg will be the hosts. They will be joined by streamers, casters and content creators Duncan “Thorin” Shields, Marcella “Nysira” de Bie, Shanna Nina, Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden, Owen “ODPixel” Davies and Damascus.

Esports Insider says: Whilst this could be a great idea, it’s three hours a day worth of content. Whilst we all know that esports moves quickly and news and action tends to take place on a daily basis – could three hours be overkill? We don’t want to write this off before it’s even begun, though – so we shall approach the new show with a quiet sense of intrigue. 

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